We offer the most extensive service range possible under license by any ground handling operator at London Heathrow – from passenger check-in, premium passenger concierge and ticketing through to baggage and ramp handling, de-icing and ground service equipment maintenance.

At Cobalt, health & safety is a top priority. We have an excellent health & safety record and attach key importance to the achievement of safety objectives.

Health, safety and security are of paramount importance to our people, our customers, their passengers and our business overall.

Our services include:

  • Flight Operations
  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp and Baggage Operations
  • GSE Maintenance.


Our specialist team put ultimate focus in safe, on time departures, delivering great and efficient service to customer airlines and their passengers. Our services include:

  • AFP Monitoring
  • Flight Operations Assistance
  • Irregularity Operations Support
  • Liaising with Airport/other authorities
  • Load Control
  • Station Control
  • Turnaround Co-ordinator
  • Weather Briefing


We help increase passenger satisfaction and loyalty for our customers by applying quality and safe working practices in our processes to help reduce stress and make the overall travel experience more enjoyable. Our service includes:

  • Airport Ticketing Sales Desk
  • Arrival and Transfer Services
  • Check-in Services
  • Product Specific Passenger Services
  • Gate Services
  • Lost and Found Services
  • SSK Hosting
  • Special Passenger and VIP Services


Our ramp handling services ensure the safe and efficient turnaround of aircraft so that flights stay on schedule. Through our ramp services, we deliver a wide range of aircraft handling functions like.

  • Aircraft Loading/Unloading
  • Baggage Sorting and Transport
  • Cargo/Mail Transport
  • De-Icing
  • GPU, Push-Back
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Unit Load Device Control


We have a highly trained team of mechanics who have many years of experience within the airline industry, providing a high standard of service in a timely and cost effective way. We offer both scheduled and emergency maintenance service for all types of ground support equipment such as:-

  • Push back tugs
  • De-icing Rigs
  • Baggage Tugs
  • Conveyor belts
  • ULD Carriers
  • Steps
  • GPU’s
  • Cars/vehicles